Enterprise social Network


Intended as an "Single Touch Point", in which any internal stakeholder (managers and employees) or external (occasional collaborators, suppliers, partners, customers) can find the correct access to information mediated / granted by own degree / role towards organization, in a single dashboard that also allows you to have a modern, agile and "unique" collaboration environment, avoiding the proliferation of emails, chats on external solutions, increasing the overall value and above all under direct control of the host company.

opportunities of change 

A modern digital workplace

Even though corporate social network systems were born over 20 years ago, the use of this tool is still spreading in companies.
The idea behind the ESN comes from the possibility of bringing the immediacy and simplicity of using social networks into the company, 
adding management and control mechanisms necessary for all business categories. However, the model remains open, allowing the creation of a community where each member can spread and share ideas and information. 

The advantage of the tool is that it significantly reduces the use of email or other direct communication methods,
moving to a more suitable use model in areas where direct feedback is not necessary or the recipients are many and undefined.


A combination of an intranet and an internal social network, focused on sharing information and working together in small or large teams


Regardless of whether you are seated directly next to each other or on a different continent


Always stay in touch with your team members to have access to all relevant company information

What items should include?

Enhance communication

  • chat
  • email

Activate collaboration 

and share

  • work groups
  • common repository
  • private document repository

enable company rules, roles, projects

  • employee profiles
  • company structure
  • calendar + meetings
  • tasks + time management

and many more...

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