Absence calendar, clock-in and clock-out, periodic reports

Human resource management


Bitrix24 has several human resource management features (or better, human capital, or HC). Absence calendar, clock-in and clock-out, periodic reports, recording of times on assigned tasks, flow management of absences and permits, fixed or flexible hours, shifts, make Bitrix24 a perfect platform for the smart worker, the everything (obviously) inserted in the context of an "all-in-one" solution perfectly integrated, and "connectable" with the outside.

a fundamental activity for any needs

Human Resource Management is a fundamental activity in any organization, today increasingly important in order to support the competitive advantage. 

The way of doing business today has changed considerably, personnel management is no longer considered a cost, but is increasingly an integral part of the corporate organizational structure.

In recent years, the management of human resources has undergone major transformations, adapting to an increasingly competitive and fast market.
This allows us to understand how important the role of human resources is in determining business success, an added value that allows us to improve productivity.


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